The recent boom in the Ohio Shale Industry has increased interest in groundwater quality. Recent advancements in drilling technology have made it possible to extract resources contained in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations of Ohio’s coal bearing region.

Experts are concerned with how horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing might affect the quality and safety of Ohio’s Groundwater supply. In response to these concerns, local water quality organizations have sampled existing groundwater sources to determine the current quality of Ohio’s Groundwater. This data can be used as a baseline to measure the effects of future extraction activity on groundwater quality.

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*Diagram for illustration purposes only. Depth and thickness of subterranian features not to scale.

Ohio Shale Potential

Ohio Shale Potential Map

Potential Utica

Potential Marcellus

Source: ODNR. Shale potential subject to change as information is publicly available

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