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Marissa Lautzenheiser, Watershed Coordinator
Phone: (303) 859-1050
North High Street, PO Box 55
Mineral City, Ohio 44656

Huff Run Watershed
Restoration Partnership

Mission Statement: To restore the Huff Run Watershed by improving water quality and enhancing wildlife habitat through community support and involvement

Watershed Statistics


9.9 Miles


13.9 Square Miles


Ohio map showing Huff Run

Carroll County and Tuscawaras County. Drains into Conotton Creek, South of Mineral City


Acid Mine Drainage Agriculture Illegal Dumping Oil extraction Gas extraction

Acid mine drainage, sewage, agriculture, illeagal dumping, oil and gas extraction


10 of 10 affected stream miles meet the pH target of 6.5.

Huff Run attainment level



More than two-thirds of the Huff Run watershed has been mined for coal, limestone, or clay. Because of this, the stream now suffers from serious pollution due to acid mine drainage. It is also impacted by untreated sewage, nearby agriculture, illegal dumping, and pollution from oil and gas extraction processes.


The Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership (HRWRP) was founded in 1996 by a group of citizens. It is sponsored by Rural Action, and works to return Huff Run to the healthy warm water habitat it once was. The partnership works with government agencies, community members, and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs to accomplish this goal.


HRWRP receives its funding from grants and donations. Some of their major funders include the US EPA, the Ohio EPA, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.