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Michelle Shively, Watershed Coordinator
Phone: (740) 767-2225
19627 Walnut Street, P.O. Box 157, Trimble, OH 45782.

Sunday Creek
Watershed Group

Mission Statement: to restore the stream and its
ecosystem to pre-mining conditions and to assist in the revival of watershed communities, through public interaction, conservation, and education in pursuit
of a healthy ecosystem capable of supporting
biodiversity and recreation

Watershed Statistics


27 Miles


139 Square Miles


Ohio map showing Huff Run

Perry, Athens, and Morgan Counties. The headwaters of Sunday Creek originate north of Corning. The creek then flows south 27 miles through Chauncey and into the Hocking River.


Acid Mine Drainage Sedimentation Illegal Dumping

Acid mine drainage, sewage, sedimentation,
illegal dumping


25 of 38 affected stream miles meet the pH target of 6.5.

Huff Run attainment level



The Sunday Creek Watershed has been affected by a history of extensive underground mining. In addition to acid mine drainage, the area suffers from wastewater pollution, illegal dumping, and sedimentation. Sunday Creek Watershed is primarily wooded (78%). 38% of the watershed has been deep mined for coal, and 15% of the land is public, owned by the Wayne National Forest.


Culturally, the region boomed when the demand for coal was high and mining became the dominant economic force throughout the area. Red clay was also found to be abundant in the soil and brick factories began to appear in every community, with Appalachian bricks gaining a worldwide reputation for quality. When many of these industries disappeared from Southeast Ohio, it left scars on both the people and places of the Sunday Creek watershed. Acid mine drainage pollutes creeks while abandoned or economically depressed communities leave few career opportunities for current generations of residents. The Sunday Creek Watershed Group was formed in 1999 by a group of watershed inhabitants.


The Sunday Creek Watershed Group is now sponsored by Rural Action, a local non-profit organization the mission of which is “to foster social, economic, and environmental justice in Appalachian Ohio.”